How Our Structure Works

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How Our Structure Works

Post by Lord Lovat on Thu Oct 12, 2017 5:03 pm

We will organize at the platoon level. The platoon is led by myself (GeistWalken aka Ghost) at the rank of 1st Lieutenant.

Following is my second in command, Kickapoo2025, at the rank of Sergeant First Class. He will oversee both squads as my acting Platoon Sergeant.

The squad level is next. Leadership positions are open for both squads. A member (possibly you!) will lead a squad of 2 fire teams, containing 2 individuals each (a total of five members, including the Sergeant). Squad names will be selected by the squad leader after receiving approval from 1LT. Ghost or SFC. Kick.

Last, but definitely not least - the fireteams. Fireteams will contain 2 members, with 1 individual serving as the fireteam leader. The fireteam name will be decided by the fire team leader after receiving approval through the Chain of Command.
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