Platoon Rules

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Platoon Rules

Post by Lord Lovat on Thu Oct 12, 2017 4:58 pm

1. Be polite to/respectful of all players. Please bear in mind that we are going to have members of all races with different religious/genders/personal/cultural/political beliefs. These things do not matter. What matters is the individual’s commitment to the platoon and appreciating what we all bring to the table. This is crucial. We must work together. You're also representing a group and should act accordingly in-game, with all players.

2. There’s no set age limit. However, we do expect our members to be mature and have common sense. Exceptions will be made for those 17 and under after a discussion with Leadership. We realize that teenagers play this game and also have the ability to be sophisticated and productive members. They may even turn out to be the most dedicated.

3. If a problem with a platoon member arises, PLEASE DO NOT hesitate to talk to Leadership about it. I personally guarantee that I will go out of my way to work things out with my members. Leadership have an “open door” policy. Do not feel that anything is too insignificant or pointless to bring to our attention.

4. A mic is not required - as we can communicate by in-game commands (with the exception of our Modern Warfare members) and leaders can give commands verbally. However, we strongly advise that you have one or obtain one ASAP. Clear and concise communication is vital in combat. This may change to a requirement for all members later on. *Squad leaders and above will be required to have a mic.

6. You do not have to live within the U.S. to join. Just be mindful of time differences and linguistic issues that may arise. We encourage members from other countries to join. There is a lot to learn from one another. We would eventually like to establish ourselves internationally and eventually set up regional units under the command of myself and a regional leader.

7. To address the dreaded multi-clan rule: No, you will not be allowed to be active in another clan on BF1, BF4, and CoD:MWR. However, if you play any other games, feel free to become a part of a clan for that game. Come and go as you please (within reason), but if you're an active member of the Lovats - you should be representing us in-game. This isn't an open relationship. We're the jealous type Wink.

8. Enjoy yourself!
*rules are subject to change and/or amendments
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